A Process for Change in Our  Fear -Driven Climate to One of Compassion and Purpose

New Ways of Thinking, Being, and Doing


New and troubling times demand new ways of thinking, being and doing. We need to connect to help one another in spirit and compassion for support, where we can share our insights as we move toward a community of practical social action and spiritual growth.   

What is MeaningSight?

MeaningSight is a process to explore who you are... a spiritual being and what that means for daily living, learning, and being. How can your spiritual self guide your actions and impact the community and the world? The process holds up a mirror to show you the inner stories you have told yourself and their influence on the decisions you have made. Only then can you envision a new world of inclusiveness, cooperation, productivity, and contribution. This process fosters a radical change in beliefs and stories you tell yourself It means changing your worldview to one of knowing you are part of the fabric of creation and you are responsible for what you experience day to day. You are NOT a victim!  

Time for Change

This is a time and opportunity to listen to that deep-seated yearning within each of us to manifest change and transformation from a terrible, fear driven, and aggressive worldview to one manifesting a compassion for self and one another, to form a higher more positive spiritual home on earth for self and each other. The alternative is more killing, more violence, and more direspect for life. It is time to end an era controlled by the power of the elite, the billionaires interested in only in their own welfare.