Opportunity For Transformation

The Threat to Our Society

The world is rapidly changing to extreme viewpoints. This is a breakdown of society as we know it. This is an opening for the beginning of a major positive cultural and spiritual transformation. Our very democracy is under attack, and it is in great danger from those who prefer a dictatorial style of gonverment. Rich, amoral leaders of industries, states, and nations want to control the world for their benefit. They scare people to death, create anger and desperation. They promise they will save us.   

The Neurology of Change

When people are scared, they are easy to control. Fear activates the part of the brain that is responsible for the emotional, survival mode, the middle part of the brain. This promotes, negativity, anger, depression, and amoral behavior. It uses survival instincts and reactivity to exist. This does not allow for happiness, optimal living, and good health. Nor does it foster good relationships, feelings of love and connections with others. It also doesn't enable feelings of being close to a God of love. This prevents us from behaving in a loving and compassionate way.

The top of the brain, the cerebral cortex, can produce good thinking and decision making, effective positive living, and true spiritual living. When the emotional/surival mode is in gear, it blocks off major use of the cerebral cortex.

ONLY when the cerebral cortex is used can we take control of our actions and reactions. Only then can we begin to make good decisions,optimal living, good health, and fulfilling relationships. 

How Do We Change?

In order to effect personal change, we need to quiet the middle brain and to access the upper brain. This can be done in a variety of ways...

It Starts with You

Each of us must take responsibility.