What Next?


The first step is to see and understand that there is a critical need to do this NOW. Not just for yourself, but for your family, loved ones, community, and the world. Know that no one is going to save us. Its is up to us.


Think differently about what it means to human. What is our real identity as a spiritual being? Our true life purpose is to widen our wisdom to contribute to the good of all. It also means we have capabilities to create life in ways we never dreamed! This can be argued through recent discoveries in quantum physics that have been applied to creating new types of technology.


You cannot wait for others to change your life or the world. You must accept responsibility for changing your world one person at a time, beginning with you. Develop your best self using the tools of transformation learned. 


Let us build a community (live and/or virtually) to support each other as we grow and change. I can you, as a group or an  individual, to participate,  and to encourage you to see your power to make a difference.

Join Me

Share this journey with me as I develop ways to make these changes practical and easy to use for myself. It is my hope that through this exchange of ideas, we can build a world of community and compassion.